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When, Where & How did it all begin? 

The Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions has been contested without interruption since March 24, 1928. That was the date that the Chicago amateur champions met those of the city of New York in the old Coliseum. The results of that dual meet was an 8 to 8 draw and it was the beginning of a national tradition.

Although this was the first tournament of the Golden Gloves as we know it today, the groundwork was done five years earlier, in 1923, when the Chicago Tribune staged an amateur boxing tournament to test the State of Illinois anti-boxing law. 

The announcement followed a Tribune editorial a week earlier which took to task a number of reformers who had closed an amateur program which the Illinois Naval Force had attempted to hold. The Tribune indicated they would stage a boxing show, not as an attack upon the legislation which had banned boxing for nearly 20 years, but rather as a test of it. 

That first tournament was a tremendous success. It was scheduled for a three night run but the 424 boxers who entered was such a large field that an extra three nights were needed to run it off. Six-thousand dollars, the net proceeds for the event was presented to a fund to help disabled war veterans. There had been an attempt to halt the meet by such organizations as the National Reform Association and the Law and Order League which attacked it bitterly. An injunction was obtained to prevent the stopping of the event, thus boxing in Illinois was on its way back.   Despite its success, the Tribune decided not to renew the tournament until boxing was legalized, a situation eventually brought about by Illinois voters in 1926. Meanwhile, in the spring of 1927, the New York Daily News conducted a program called the Golden Gloves Tournament. The Chicago Tribune then announced that it would hold a Golden Gloves Tournament in March of 1928. 

This promotion was a tremendous success! It ran for five nights before packed houses. Once again the profits went for the disabled war veterans. 

Following the tournament, the Tribune’s sports editor called the sports editor of the New York Daily News, the great Paul Gallico and suggested an inter-city meet. This as agreeable to New York thus setting the format by which the Golden Gloves were conducted for many years. Certain State and Regional winners would meet in the Chicago tournament and boxers representing other sections of the country fought in the New York Golden Gloves. Annually the winners representing the two cities would meet in a "National Tournament of Champions."

Under the leadership of the late Arch Ward, the Golden Gloves advanced to an international status, with winners meeting teams from all over Europe. It also, to this day, plays a major role in the selection of representatives for the U.S. team in the Olympic Games. The Golden Gloves has been the springboard by which many professional greats launched their careers, a number of whom became world champions. Perhaps the most prominent of these are Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali, the most celebrated heavyweight champions of modern times. In more recent years, nearly every notable boxer or champion has cut his teeth on Golden Gloves... the greatest name in Amateur Boxing!!



1964    Louisville, Kentucky
1965    Kansas City, Missouri
1966    Kansas City, Missouri
1967    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1968    Salt Lake City, Utah
1969    Kansas City, Missouri
1970    Las Vegas, Nevada
1971    Ft. Worth, Texas
1972    Minneapolis, Minnesota
1973    Lowell, Massachusetts 
1974    Denver, Colorado
1975    Knoxville, Tennessee
1976    Miami, Florida
1977    Honolulu, Hawaii
1978    Albuquerque, New Mexico
1979    Indianapolis, Indiana
1980    Shreveport, Louisiana
1981    Toledo, Ohio
1982    Kansas City, Missouri
1983    Albuquerque, New Mexico
1984    St. Louis, Missouri
1985    Little Rock, Arkansas
1986    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

1987    Knoxville, Tennessee
1988    Omaha, Nebraska
1989    Knoxville, Tennessee
1990    Miami, Florida
1991    Des Moines, Iowa
1992    Chicago, Illinois
1993    Little Rock, Arkansas
1994    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1995    Lowell, Massachusetts
1996    Cleveland, Ohio
1997    Denver, Colorado
1998    Biloxi, Mississippi
1999    Syracuse, New York
2000    Detroit, Michigan
2001    Reno, Nevada
2002    Denver, Colorado
2003    Las Vegas, Nevada
2004    Kansas City, Missouri
2005    Little Rock, Arkansas
2006    Omaha, Nebraska
2007    Chattanooga, Tennessee
2008    Grand Rapids, Michigan

2009    Salt Lake City, Utah

2010    Little Rock, Arkansas

2011    Indianapolis, IN

2012    Mesquite, NV

2013    Salt Lake City, Utah

2014    Las Vegas, Nevada

2015    Las Vegas, Nevada

2016    Salt Lake City, Utah

2017    Lafayette, Louisiana 

2018    Omaha, Nebraska 



Continuous Since 1997 

1997  Los Angeles, California
1998  Cincinnati, Ohio
1999  Los Angeles, California
2001  Las Vegas, Nevada
2002  Syracuse, New York
2003  Syracuse, New York

2004  Syracuse, New York
2005  Chattanooga, Tennessee
2006  Chattanooga, Tennessee
2007  Mesquite, Nevada
2008  Mesquite, Nevada

2009  Mesquite, Nevada

2010  Mesquite, Nevada

2011  Mesquite, Nevada

2012  Mesquite, Nevada

2013  Mesquite, Nevada

2014  Mesquite, Nevada

2015  Mesquite, Nevada

2016  Mesquite, Nevada

2017  Mesquite, Nevada

2018  Mesquite, Nevada



Continuous since 1999

1999  Augusta, Georgia
2000  Augusta, Georgia
2001  Augusta, Georgia
2002  Chicago, Illinois
2003  Chicago, Illinois

2004  Chicago, Illinois
2005  Chicago, Illinois

 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
2018 Omaha, Nebraska